Velvet Turn

For over 30 years, Velvet Turn was the exclusive manufacturer of both Accu-Turn® and Bosch bench brake lathes since inception. In 2016, both of these companies halted their brake lathe business and Velvet Turn became the exclusive manufacturer and provider of these brake lathes. Velvet Turn is committed to offering the support and new features that will meet the needs of the brake lathe industry.

  • Positive rake one pass finishing to get the job done right the first time every time
  • Machines drums, flywheels, and all types of rotors including cross drilled and slotted
  • Best in class "Muscle Mass" construction with a solid metal casting that eats up finish damaging vibrations
  • External motor isolates the vibration from the cutting which results in a smooth cut
  • Machine shop quality dovetail way and gibb construction, designed for years of smooth cuts
  • Tapered roller bearing spindle supports eliminate play in the spindle for consistently smooth cuts
  • BL 8944L Includes a multi-speed arbor as well as adjustable rotor and drum feed speeds for ultimate flexibility and control
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